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Jesus Christ: Source of Our Salvation [Second Edition 2018]

By Ave Maria Press

  • Release Date: 2018-03-19
  • Genre: Textbooks
Score: 2.5
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Jesus Christ: Source of Our Salvation (Second Edition) introduces students to a deeper theological study of essential life questions, foremost: "Why do we need to be saved?" and "How are we saved?" The answers are revealed in God's plan for Redemption. This textbook supports Course III of the USCCB Curriculum Framework.

Jesus Christ: Source of Our Salvation (Second Edition), now written and formatted in the instructional design of the Encountering Jesus series, offers a blueprint for a thorough theology that is complemented by ample opportunities for faith-filled discipleship. This text shares God's invitation for a fuller participation in the Paschal Mystery of Christ.
Jesus Christ: Source of Our Salvation (Second Edition) maintains the excellence for which the first edition had been known and appreciated, and upholds and amplifies the tradition and standard of excellence of author Michael Pennock. The text is intellectually stimulating but accessible to students of all types of learning styles and skills who enter this course with varying backgrounds in theology.

This enhanced digital edition of Jesus Christ: Source of Our Salvation (Second Edition) includes exclusive access to video lessons from Catholic speakers and best-selling authors Brandon Vogt and Katie Prejean McGrady. Each video is accompanied by an interactive quiz. Supplemental videos from Bishop Robert Barron’s Catholicism series, Life Teen, Catholic Relief Services, and the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network are placed in every chapter. These videos enrich the written text with expert explanations of key theological concepts, sacred people, and sacred places by Bishop Robert Barron, Mark Hart, and Rev. James Kubicki, S.J.

This is a textbook primarily for first-semester sophomores enrolled in a Catholic high school. It serves as the core textbook for a course "The Mission of Jesus Christ (Paschal Mystery)" as specified by Course III of the USCCB's doctrinal framework.
Developed in collaboration with experts in theology, catechesis, and pedagogy, Jesus Christ: Source of Our Salvation (Second Edition) includes a number of new features as part of an innovative design, including: 

Chapter Focus Questions: Each chapter’s main idea is posed as a question to the student to provide a broader context in which new ideas can be integrated and understood. Infographics: A wide variety of visual and interactive designs throughout the text helps students understand theological concepts in ways they will remember. Current Events: Each chapter opens with a story from the contemporary world that teens can relate to their own lives.  Educational Photos: Images throughout the text have been carefully chosen not only to illustrate the chapter but also for teachers and students to use as educational tools. Original Video Lessons with Quizzes: Written and presented by well-known Catholic speakers, Brandon Vogt and Katie Prejean McGrady, these video lessons enhance the students’ understanding of important topics and are accompanied by interactive quizzes. Supplemental Videos: In every chapter, videos are strategically placed to enrich the learning experience.   Note-Taking Graphic Organizers: Designed to help students organize, summarize, and sequence the text, various types of organizers were customized for every section of the book. Section Assessments: Each section includes pedagogically designed assessment questions with labels that show how the questions serve a variety of different learning styles. Online Resources: As always, teachers can access a wide variety of online resources at the Ave Maria Press website, including videos, PowerPoints, handouts, crossword puzzles, reading guides, and tests.

(© 2018) The Subcommittee on the Catechism, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, has found that this catechetical high school text is in conformity with the Catechism of the Catholic Church and fulfills the requirements of Course III of the Doctrinal Elements of a Curriculum Framework for the Development of Catechetical Materials for Young People of High School Age.


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