Dead Fall - Brad Thor

Dead Fall

By Brad Thor

  • Release Date: 2023-07-25
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Score: 4.5
From 2,612 Ratings


Lethal operative Scot Harvath is dispatched to avenge the killing of American citizens abroad in #1 New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author Brad Thor’s new pulse-pounding thriller.

In the war-ravaged borderlands of Ukraine, a Russian mercenary unit has gone rogue. Its members, conscripted from the worst prisons and mental asylums across Russia, are the most criminally violent, psychologically dangerous combatants to ever set foot upon the modern battlefield.

With all attention focused on the frontlines, they have pushed deeper into the interior to wage a campaign of unspeakable barbarity. As they move from village to village, committing horrific war crimes, they meet little resistance as all able-bodied men are off fighting the war.

Simultaneously, a team of Russian soldiers has been dispatched by the Kremlin to loot truckloads of art and priceless cultural treasures hidden away in a host of churches, museums, and private homes.

When multiple American aid workers are killed, America’s top spy, Scot Harvath, is sent in to settle the score. But in a country so vast, will Harvath be able to find the men in question and, more importantly, will he be able to stop them before they can kill again?


  • Left hanging

    By jake12345688
    Cheesy unfulfilled ending . You are left hanging. Too many references to murphys law. Not that cute.
  • Dead Fall

    By nsb80
    Well written, full of never ending excitement. I did not want to put the book down.
  • Intense until the end

    By Nordster1
    The description and accounts of the fighting in Ukraine is bone chilling. We as Americans sitting in our warm homes can’t even begin to imagine or comprehend the horror that the civilians in Ukraine are experiencing. The people that have volunteered to fight in this country’s war are both crazy and to be admired. Brad Thor has done a great service through this fictional portrayal of putting the reader into the intense situation. May we never forget that man is willing to do the unthinkable to a fellow human being.
  • Superfluous side story

    By CareerMoves
    Thor made a book out of a novella by adding an unconnected-to-the-plot side story. Also, why did the sniper ask Harvath to put his hands up when he could have easily shot him like he did with others?
  • Dead Fall

    By Gem Luff
    The setting of Dead Fall is Very up to date with what is going on with world conflicts and politics.
  • Great

    By Samnite100
  • Good but odd fit in the series

    By Spy Life
    The book overall was exciting and a good read but… The story and the ending to the story didn’t really fit the previous Scott Harveth universe. I felt like Brad went with the Ukraine side since is real and current but didn’t feel natural to force this universe since past books didn’t have to follow real world events. The ending seemed kind of short and sweet and some loose ends for future stories but none that were super cliff hangerish.
  • Simply, Thank you.

    By bowmanj0317
    I’m a vet who has been fortunate enough to gain the love of reading in my later life, you Sir have been there every step of the way. I’m grateful for your books.
  • Evil Russia

    By Battery223
    Yes Russia invaded Ukraine, terrible. No hint of any of the widespread corruption in Ukraine. The president of Ukraine is no saint, more like a tyrant. He accepts billions of dollars from the United States with no end in sight for the war. Predictable storyline.
  • Another great story. Riveting, fast paced, couldn’t put it down.

    By Rabbitreader
    Mr. Thor is a master storyteller.