Geometry - John A. Carter, Ph.D., Gilbert J. Cuevas, Ph.D., Roger Day, Ph.D., NBCT, Carol Malloy, Ph.D. & Jerry Cummins


By John A. Carter, Ph.D., Gilbert J. Cuevas, Ph.D., Roger Day, Ph.D., NBCT, Carol Malloy, Ph.D. & Jerry Cummins

  • Release Date: 2013-02-04
  • Genre: Geometry
Score: 3.5
From 442 Ratings


Geometry isn’t just angles and equations. It’s about the world you live in. With Glencoe Geometry, you get hands-on math applications to help you succeed in whatever career path you chose. Interactive personal tutors, animations, and practice problems let you review as much or as little as you need to prepare for success in college and beyond.  
Content includes:

Geometric Structure
Tool of Geometry Reasoning and Proof Parallel and Perpendicular Lines  
Congruent Triangles Relationships in Triangles Quadrilaterals  
Proportions and Similarity Right Triangles and Trigonometry Transformations and Symmetry  
Measurement Circles Areas of Polygons and Circles Extending Surface Area and Volume Probability and Measurement


  • Not Worth It

    By CelticFan456
    This book isn’t worth the money. I am a student, and it doesn’t explain a lot of the answers thoroughly. It doesn’t even show all of the answers to all the questions.
  • Not worth my money

    By person JK
    This book is actually dumb, includes thousands of mistakes. Takes forever to download, and all in all, just not worth 15$.
  • King

    By Master Tutor
    I too am disappointed that there are no answers to the problems.
  • Too expensive

    By Nastyfangboy
    I forgot to buy the actual thing for my math class so I had to download sample, thanks Obama.
  • Cool So Far

    By Alex Shultz
    I like the textbook so far. I’m using it to have a home version of the textbook to be able to help the kids with homework. Much lighter weight and lower cost. We are only up to Chapter 2 so far but I’m happy with it. iBooks version PROS: *Some of the examples have video to go with them. The videos are pretty cool, showing each step of the problem. The animations are clear and help us visualize how the steps relate to each other. *The odd-numbered problems are answered with a click to the side of the beginning of the problem set. It’s like turning to the back of the book without having to flop a couple of hundred pages of paper over. I wish that the clickable thing would float along with the problem set as you scroll through it. iBooks version CONS: *Would like them to do a better job of displaying tables I highlighted in the notes. The tables don’t fit well on the notecards and just kind of clip off when there isn’t room to see it all. Can’t find a way to scroll the table around or pinch/zoom it to see it all. So, I have to click on the notecard version of the table to have it take me to the actual table. Which leads to the next CON. *When going to a notecard to see the note you can click on the text of the note to take you to the actual place in the book and see everything in context. BUT There’s no way to go back to the text you were reading when you opened the notecard. So, if you didn’t remember to bookmark your place before you pulled open the notes you have to scroll and search to get back there. Then, you have to remember to unbookmark your place later. Almost makes the notes useless because that is such a hassle. Comparing printed & iBooks PROS: Definitely like the quick access to glossary definitions in the iBooks version. A search for a term gives not only the page numbers but also the text surrounding the term to help you get context. MUCH better than having to use the printed index. I would like to see some kind of indication about how close the search result is compared to where I am reading. The somewhat wonky page numbers (see the CONS below) in iBooks make it tough to guage how far way things are. Maybe even just a color to indicate it is in the same section or chapter as where I am reading. *The printed version offers icons letting you know you can go online (and log in with a user-name/password) to see special videos and animations. I really like that iBooks has it all in there at a click so that we don’t have to sit at the computer desk to do homework. Comparing printed & iBooks CONS: *There are some exercise problems that are highlighted with a green dot around the number in the printed version and as a maroon (instead of black) number in iBooks. It is much harder to see them in iBooks. And, we want to know why are those exercises made to stand out? We can’t find ANY info that tells us about it. *Found some errors in examples and problems - they seem to be in both the printed and the iBooks version. It makes it VERY frustrating for a kid trying to follow an example and not be able to make sense of the steps because the book is giving incorrect information. Even worse, some exercise problems don’t work because they are set up wrong. NOTE TO APPLE: I CAN’T FIND ANY WAY TO REPORT THE ERRORS - WHERE IS A LINK TO DO THAT? *The page numbers don’t match up between the printed and iBooks versions. This is MADDENING. They aren’t even close. For example, the start of Section 2.6 in the printed book is page 136 and the iBooks version is 349! I want an option to switch on the printed page numbers so we can have a chance of staying in sync when we are studying. *Printed version has a nice “cheat sheet” in heavier paper as the very last page in the book. The page (front & back) is packed with all knds of info from formulas for common things to a reminder of how to convert between units of measurement. Can’t find anything like that in the iBooks version.
  • good geometry boook

    By dannyb181
    this book is great, i loved the examples it helped me through geometry last year. Great practice problems a book you should get.
  • Excellent book

    By IQ01
    This is a major mile stone in learning and understanding mathematics. I request to iTunes to provide more books like this specially on the topics of social studies, us history,world history and other field of mathematics.p
  • Impressive, but can improve more.

    By Kevi wevi woo
    It is very good, many helpful vids, interactive and rich contents, but letting us draw on the book might be useful, since you will be able to write down or note things right on the book, and you can temporally calculate on the book(which i always do). But i think that could make the book run heavier since its already quite heavy on my iPad1, it would sometimes crush.. Still it's much better than paper books. :)
  • Bad

    By Sangita Lunavat
    This book is good in general but interactivity along with aspects like answers to questions make it difficult to study from this book... Basically it's like a real textbook with LED lights in the background
  • It's ok

    By PhilThe3rd
    There is a diagram missing on p. 1097 #26. And also, I would like to have the page numbers in the printed book as a option to view (I'm the only one in my class using this right now, so it is hard to follow the teacher) I would also like more self tutors and interaction. However, I do LOVE not having to take my book to class. I am a technology assistant and am currently trying to sell these books to our administration as a replacement for our other books. PLEASE help me out and change these things (along with the things on the other comments) I will be looking forward to an update to this book.